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Cloud computing adoption has been on the increase since it was introduced and this has encouraged a large number of companies to exploit the technology. Technology is dynamic and cloud computing is no different. Businesses have to be aware of the developments that are taking place to determine the most appropriate way to use the technology. Here are some of the developments every business needs to be aware of this year.  For those ready to adopt cloud computing for their organization, you’ll need a service provider specializing in IT Support Belfast or throughout the UK.


Big Data

IT Support BelfastThis cloud computing development has raised a lot of interest in the last few years. Companies are dealing with a lot more data now and this makes it necessary for them to adopt solutions that will allow them to visualize data and make it actionable. This is the best way to drive business decisions and processes when large data volumes are involved.


Future is Mobile

There is no doubt that mobile devices have gained popularity over the last few years and this is where cloud computing is heading. More people now use tablets and smartphones instead of PCs. This has had a significant effect on the business environment. The cloud computing technology provides flexibility to organizations by allowing employees to access business related information from any location. Cloud-based applications allow a mobile workforce. Employees do not have to be at their office desks to carry out their day-to-day tasks. All they need is to log into applications using web-enabled devices such as tablets or smartphones to perform tasks in the cloud. This can help to promote productivity because business operations continue even when employees are out of the office. Businesses need to adopt mobile-friendly cloud applications to manage their data.

Shift to Social Tool

Cloud computing does more than offer additional flexibility compared to conventional on-site software. It is also more social. This is another important reason for adopting cloud computing in the business environment. Users expect organizations to allow them to use micro-blogging and chats to get the information they require. Cloud computing is expected to become social and this will play an essential role in the way organizations manage their data.



Cloud computing is likely to become even more global than it is now. Several companies across the globe rely on cloud-based tool in their day-to-day operations. As cloud services evolve, they will make it easy for different organizations to collaborate and communicate with one another. This suggests that it will be possible for additional systems to operate effortlessly across several locations. Companies will be able to access local capabilities such as multi-language interfaces and multi-currency financial applications using cloud computing.


When cloud computing was launched, some technology experts dismissed it as a fad. Critics argued that this technology was creating a lot of interest but it offered limited practical value. This view has changed over the last few years as cloud computing transforms the IT landscape. It now plays a critical role in the current business environment and it is changing how businesses operate. These are just some of the developments that companies can exploit to make it easy for them to perform their day-to-day operations.

Nowadays, the internet is not a very safe place and there is a high likelihood of becoming a victim of identity stealing scam or downloading malware even for the most tech savvy individuals simply by going online a few times. For this reason it is important to make sure you have the best antivirus for your phone, PC and/or tablet as the real benefit of this protection is related directly to the consequences of not having the anti-virus. Below are some of the most important reasons why you need to get top notch antivirus and some of them include:

Security from viruses  

Viruses are some of the best known computer attackers which can cause immense damage to your machines. There are thousands if not millions of viruses each with the ability to compromise your computer in various ways. Generally, you can acquire the virus by downloading some questionable files which are presented falsely as other things in email scams or by visiting phishing sites. The virus creators are becoming wiser as the days go by coming up with more tricks on their sleeves for people to be victims of their creations. When viruses infect the computer, they can cause your downloading speeds to slow down drastically, delete important & critical personal images and files and in the worst case scenario, they can cause irreversible damage to the computer. Having high quality antivirus can prevent at least 99.99% of the viruses.

Protection from identity theft and spyware 

Spyware is a type of software that is designed specifically to infect your computer in a bid to spy on you. The spyware seeks and also steals all the personal information that has been stored on the computer. This can include things such as passwords, financial data, credit card numbers, social security numbers as well as anything else that it can detect. There are some spyware that is so complicated that it can record and also save data in real time. This type of spyware runs silently in the background waiting for you to purchase something online. As you enter the credit card number to pay for the purchase that has been made, the spyware records & saves the payment information and most of the time transfers sensitive and personal data to the hacker who is often in a remote location. Once the hackers have these details, they will perform baking transactions, make purchases and anything else that they can get away with. Identity theft can pose a huge headache for victims as it not only causes you to lose money but it can make you receive negative remarks on the credit report. Getting a top rated and reliable antivirus helps to protect you from the spyware.

Guard from spam 

Receiving spam can be very annoying as you are bombarded with numerous ads and emails that you have no interest in. What most people do not realize is that if you are being bombarded with spam that is most likely coming from nowhere each time you log in, the spam is most likely as a result of a virus that has been stored on your machine. Getting good antivirus will help reduce the number of spam you get drastically.

Sony Corporation last week admitted to having fallen victim to cyber security breach. Unauthorised people managed to hack into their systems stealing and also erasing crucial data. The hackers also managed to make public pre-release movies, private details of people, and other sensitive documents.


In the late 90s while working for a network firm, a virus that had been standardized on anti-virus software distributed by a certain key vendor infected my team’s network. According to the US law, such attacks are treated as crimes and this is why the FBI is involved. However, the culprits may be foreign. In Sony’s case, there is strong argument that the perpetrators may be North Koreans having different views from Sony, or working for their government. Sony was in the process of releasing a movie that seemed to offend some North Koreans. When it comes to North Korean law, I am not an expert. However, the law seems to encourage or permit the attack on people who talk ill of their Supreme Leader. Sony’s movie is alleged to have been doing this and justified the attack. Was the attack really an act of war or just another cyber rime?


The attack has lowered the morale of employees at Sony consequently hampering their productivity. Besides instilling fear and panic to the employees, celebrities are also thinking twice about working with the firm. Employees and other third parties may also be contemplating on suing Sony. All these issues will certainly hurt Sony, and is probably the key reason for the cyber attack. To the perpetrators, the employees are likened to soldiers in the Army. They not only stand on the sidewalks, but take part in protecting the unit. Celebrities on the other hand are the de facto business partners of Sony. With this in mind, it is much clearer why they were attacked. Hacker groups always leak information and personal files belonging to individuals and groups associated with a target organization.


About a decade back, Sony was cautioned about its weak information security program that also included weak passwords. In 2011, the firm was hit by a major breach that affected its Playstation network. In the latest attack, the hackers managed to infiltrate Sony’s deepest core. They stole the yet to be released movies which form part of Sony’s most treasured material. Highly-confidential material such as social security numbers, salary schedules, private and at times embarrassing communication, and other sensitive data was stolen. Some of the leaked documents indicate that passwords used by employees at Sony were weak, and data management policies were also poor. Sony may also have improperly stored another firm’s data.

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What measures were put in place after the warning and Playstation breach? How well did Sony protect its information and data? Were only authorised people given access to the information, and was the data stored in the required encrypted format? Was the attack due to poor enforcement or bad policies? How was the malware able to infiltrate the infrastructure at Sony? Did human error contribute to the attack? These are some of the questions that many people seek answers to. But, we may never find the right answers.

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